School Forest

Welcome!  The Rahr Memorial School Forest is a place of learning for students in the Manitowoc Public School District.  Located along the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan, the School Forest has been an outdoor education facility for over fifty years.  Within the nearly 300 acres are mixed forests, stands of pine, sand dunes, fields, a swamp, and a pond; all of which offer a unique learning environment.
Students attend classes at the School Forest starting when they are in 4-year-old kindergarten and continue throughout their school careers. During the 2015-2016 year, the School Forest had over 9,000 visitors.


The Rahr Memorial School Forest serves as a multiple-use natural school and community resource, providing opportunities for people to develop awareness of and appreciation for the natural world to become informed, responsible decision-makers regarding the environment.

Contact Information

Kelly Vorron • School Forest Coordinator 
Phone: 920-686-4745
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Joan Kellner • School Forest Secretary
Phone: 920-686-4777
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