Accountability Reports

The Department of Public Instruction (DPI) creates a School Report Card and District Report Card annually for every public school. Linked below are the 2022-2023 District and school reports:

Manitowoc Public School District
Franklin Elementary
Jackson Elementary
Jefferson Elementary
Lincoln High School
Madison Elementary
Monroe Elementary
Riverview Elementary 
Washington Middle School
Wilson Middle School

The Report Cards are intended to help schools and districts utilize data on specific measures to target improvement efforts to ensure students are ready for the next educational step, including the next grade level, graduation, college, and careers. 

At the foundation of the report cards are four priority areas. Schools and districts receive a score for each priority area:

  1. Achievement: students' level of knowledge and skills attained compared against state academic standards in English language arts (ELA) and mathematics.
  2. Growth: how rapidly students are gaining knowledge and skills from year to year, focusing on the pace of improvement in students' performance.
  3. Target Group Outcomes: outcomes for students with the lowest test scores in their school - the Target Group.  Outcomes are displayed for achievement, growth, chronic absenteeism, and attendance or graduation rate.
  4. On-Track to Graduation:  how successfully students are achieving educational milestones that predict later success.

The priority area scores are then calculated into an overall accountability score, from 0 to 100. This score is displayed on the front page of the School or District Report Cards. It is important to note that the 0 to 100 accountability score is not a “percent correct” measurement. The score is primarily based on our performance last year across the four priority areas.  Based on its score, a school or district receives one of five rating categories, from Fails to Meet Expectations to Significantly Exceeds Expectations, as well as one to five stars.

WISEdash Public Portal

Aggregated and redacted school-level data is available in the WISEdash public portal.   WISEdash features include:

  • Side-by-side: Compare two school district or two schools in WSAS, AP, ACT, Attendance, and Enrollment
  • Multi-district and multi-school: Compare any 5 districts or 5 schools to each other or compare to statewide
  • Trends: See trends over the last 5 years
  • Date Files: Get statewide data files back to 1995

See Legal Notifications page for a list of Educational Options. WiseDash Help: School District Support

For assistance in interpreting the data, or to receive a hard copy,  please contact Director of State and Federal Programs, Lee Thennes at 920-686-4764, [email protected] or MPSD Director of Educational Programs, Heidi Schroderus at 920-686-4779, [email protected].

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