Nutrition and Meal Information

Chartwells and MPSD are dedicated to providing quality nutritious meals that students will enjoy and choose to eat.  We understand that children who eat well-balanced, nutritious meals do much better in school. We hope you will encourage your child to try new foods and maybe even join them for a meal at school. 

Menu Highlights

  • All breads, breading, buns, pizza crust, pancakes, waffles and pasta are whole grain.  
  • Milk offerings at all schools are Low Fat 1% and Chocolate Skim.
  • Skim is also another option available at our secondary schools.
  • Vegetable and Fruit Bars-featuring in season produce.
  • We use the highest quality products to make fresh, homemade meals.  
  • Recipes use non-salt seasonings and herbs to enhance flavor and lower daily sodium intake.

  • Students are required under USDA rules to take 1/2 cup of fruit or vegetable for their meal to be considered a full meal.  

  • Serve food products and ingredients that contain zero grams of trans fat per serving.

  • Menus by age group to assure that students receive age-appropriate portions and nutrients.

  • Low fat meats are on the menu

  • Al a Carte options are available at the Middle and High Schools for students to purchase additional food items with cash or from their lunch account. Parents have the option to complete an A la Carte Restriction Form to limit their students purchases.

Offer vs Serve and what constitutes a full meal

Offer versus Serve (OVS) is a provision in the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program that allows students to decline some of the food offered.  Click here to see the OVS Minimum Daily Requirements.  

At lunch, schools must offer all five required food components in at least the minimum required amounts.  Of these, students must take at least three of offerings and one of those must be at least a 1/2 cup of either a fruit or a vegetable.  The components are:

1.) meat/meat alternates
2.) grains
3.) fruit
4.) vegetables
5.) milk

Click here to see a Lunch Guide.

Click here to see an example of what consists of a meal for lunch.

At breakfast, schools must offer three required food components in at least the minimum required amounts.  Of these, students must take four food items.  The components are:

1.) grains (with optional meat/meat alternates)
2.) juice/fruit/vegetable
3.) milk

Click here to see a Breakfast Guide. 

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