Board of Education

The MPSD School Board consists of seven members who are responsible for establishing policies in accordance with state law regarding students, personnel, educational programs, facilities, equipment, and relations with the community. The Board establishes the budget and has fiscal control. The superintendent serves as the Chief Executive Officer and offers recommendations to the Board when developing and administering District philosophy, goals, and revisions to Board policies.

Unlike the City Council and County Board, members are elected “at large,”  meaning they represent the entire school district and not any designated portion. Citizens may contact any or all Board members but should be aware that members have no authority as individuals, only as they meet together as a Board. 

Correspondence can be sent to Board Secretary Laurie Braun, MPSD Administration Office 2902 Lindbergh Drive Manitowoc, WI 54220.  Please contact her with questions at 920-686-4783 or email at [email protected]


S SoeldnerBoard President, Dr. Stacey Soeldner
(920) 973-9238
Email:  [email protected]
First Elected April 2021 - term expires April 2024

Spaulding  Vice President/Clerk, Matthew Spaulding

  (920) 412-6061
  Email:  [email protected]
  First Elected April 2022 - term expires April 2025

Tony VlastelicaTreasurer, Tony Vlastelica
(920) 629-5668
Email:  [email protected]

First Elected April 2022 - term expires April 2025 

C Able   Board Member Christopher Able
   (920) 652-0036
   Email:  [email protected]
   First Elected April 2023 - term expires April 2026

B Hansen   Board Member Paul "Biff" Hansen
   (920) 495-8532
   Email:  [email protected]
   First Elected April 2023 - term expires April 2026

Matthew PhippsBoard Member Matthew Phipps
(920) 901-6632
Email:  [email protected]
First Elected April 2022 - term expires April 2025

K TraskBoard Member Dr. Kerry Trask
(920) 682-1710
Email:  [email protected]
First Appointed January 2021 - term expires April 2024      

Elyana Reed
Winona Grossman (Alternate)
Salvatore Tello (Alternate)

The Board of Education is currently reviewing a potential new governance model.
Standing Committees will meet as a Committee of the Whole. 

Dr. Stacey Soeldner

Dr. Kerry Trask - Representative
Chris Able - Alternate Representative 

Franklin - Matthew Phipps
Jackson - Biff Hansen
Jefferson - Tony Vlastelica
Lincoln  - Biff Hansen 
Madison  -Chris Able
McKinley - Stacey Soeldner
Monroe - Matthew Spaulding
Riverview - Stacey Soeldner
Washington - Matthew Spaulding
Wilson -Kerry Trask

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