Building Use

Building Use Request Terms

MPSD facilities are available to the public to rent/use depending on the organization and event.  Individuals or groups wishing to use the school buildings will be able to view on the building use calendar, if their preferred space and time is available. Please keep the following in mind when reserving the space:

Allow Time to Review Requests

Please allow enough time for building secretaries and custodians to review your request.  Most requests require two business days to review.  More complex requests, such as table setup, may require additional time to review.  We may not be able to accommodate request made with too short of notice.

Please understand MPSD staff and organizations have priority to school spaces.  Any request during the school day will likely be denied.  Request for the upcoming school year will be delayed until August to allow school organizations and staff to submit their request.

Terms & Conditions

The use of all MPSD facilities, including athletic fields and grounds, other than school-sponsored activities, shall be scheduled by permission from the building principals and shall be used in accordance with adopted policies of the Board of Education.  Confirmation shall be completed by the Director of Buildings and Grounds before use of any building or property. 

1.) Requests for use of school faciliites, including the Rahr Memorial School Forest, shall be submitted electronically  via the MPSD Building and Use Events Calendar  and reviewed by the appropriate building.  Requests shall state the purpose and time of the meeting, size of group, facilities and equipment needed.  The request will be approved or denied in accordance with Board of Education policies.  All approved requests shall include an agreement to hold harmless the MPSD, the Board of Education and all MPSD employees for liability for all injuries or accidents to persons under thier program while using the school facilities.  

2.) Priority of use will be given to MPSD activities.  The Superintendent, or designee has the authority to cancel the use of the building, even after persmission has been granted, if the facility is needed for an educational program of the school, an emergency/disaster, use is not conducive to Board policy, or if use is not in accordance with design of the facility. 

3.) Use of school buildings and grounds may be permitted for civic activities  (including cultural events, discussions, entertainment, and meetings of the community).  

4.) School facilities/grounds will not be rented for individually sponsored activities such as weddings, showers, private graduation parties, commercially sponsored activities, or other activities of a similar nature.  

5.) Permission for the use of any building or grounds will not be granted to any organization whose purpose is to advocate treason, insurrection, or unlawful resistance to or the overthrow of the United States Government.

6.) Permission for the use of school buildings or grounds for meetings at which social, economic, or political problems are to be discussed will be granted only on the condition that such meetings will not defeat the purposes of number five and will also be free of charge and open to all who desire to attend.   

7.) Permission for the use of buildings or grounds for personal, individual, or commercial use will not be granted.  This does not bar use for recitals or other events of a cultural or educational nature which are free of charge and open to anyone who desires to attend.  The use of school facilities for activities involving raising money where such net proceeds are not to be used for the benefit of the children of the district or for charitable or civic purposes are to be considered personal, individual or commercial activities.  

8.) MPSD employees will have the authority at all times to enforce proper and safe conduct for all persons and activities on school property.

9.) No intoxicating beverages or other unauthorized controlled substances shall be allowed on the premises at any time.  

10.) No smoking is permitted in any building or on the grounds of the MPSD.

11.) Sponsoring organizations shall provide a current certificate of insurance, before the date of the scheduled activity.   

12.) Listed rental fees for school facilities and grounds do not include buildings and grounds staff fees, stage crew fees, supervisor fees, miscellaneous supplies, or the use of equipment.  Buildings and grounds staff are to be paid at their hourly overtime rate (outside normal hours); stage crew members are paid at the minimum wage; other certified supervisors are paid at the summer curriculum rate; and rental fees for miscellaneous supplies and the use of equipment is set by the director of buildings and grounds.  

13.) When using school facilities, sponsoring organizations will furnish adequate adult supervision and will be responsible for properly caring for such facilities and leaving them in good condition. 

14.) Any damage or loss to equipment, building, or site must be paid for by the organization using the facilities.  

15.) Requests for use of specialized classrooms, such as computer or woodworking , laboratories, pool, auditorium, etc will requise the use of approved MPSD instructors.  

16.) Equipment rental under this policy will be authorized only in conjunction with the rental agreement of one of the facilities of the MPSD.  Equipment use shall be approved in writing by the director of buildings and grounds.  

17.) All requests for use of school equipment by non-school groups outside of school facilities shall be in writing to the director of buildings and grounds.  The director of buildings and grounds shall establish a rental rate for the use of requested equipment, if approval is granted.

18.) Special regulations for use of Rahr Memorial School Forest:  
-No custodial services will be required if the buildings and facilites are left in good order.  If custodial services are required, they will be billed at the current established overtime rate. 
-A complete copy of established rules and regulations covering the use of the facilities will be posted in each building.  
-Students must be supervised by adult chaperones.  Overnight use of the facilities by both sexes require the presence of both female and male chaperones. 
-All automobiles must be parked in designated parking area.  Driveways and areas adjacent to buildigns are limited to emergency vehicles, service vehicles and school busses. 

19.) When mutually agreed upon exchange of facilites and/or equipment can be arranged between the MPSD and other local tax supported organizations, the established fees may be waived.  The director of buildings and grounds, including other school district personnel and the authorized personnel from other tax-supporting organziations will negotiate this mutual agreement on an annual basis. 

20.) No rental or custodial fees will be charged for MPSD programs, school connected curricular and extracurricular activities which have been approved by the Board of Education. 

21.) No rental fee will be charged for regularly scheduled activities of the City of Manitowoc  Recreation Department (MRD) for which no admission fee is charged.  The MRD shall not charge additional registration fees to MPSD students who are not residents of the City of Manitowoc.  Non-school groups from the MPSD shall complete an application for use of swimming pools to the MRD and shall use the facilities under the directoin and supervision of the MRD. The MRD shall get authorization from the MPSD director of buildings and grounds.  for each group.  All supervisory and custodial costs are to be the responsibility of the MRD.    The MRD shall assume liability for accidents or injury to persons under thier program.  

22.) Rental fees for the use of school grounds may be waived at the discretion of the director of buildings and grounds.  

23.) Municipal Field shall not be used for commercial promotions.  Non-school district use must be approved in writing through the director of buildings and grounds.  No vehicles allowed inside the fence (except emergency vehicles or for loading/unloading). 

24.) Soccer fields shall not be used for commercial promotions.  Non-school district use must be approved in writing through the director of buildings and grounds.  No vehicles allowed inside the fence (except emergency vehicles or for loading/unloading).   

25.) Lincoln High School Auditorium rental is based on availability, per the school calendar, and technical personnel to assist with the performance.  For profit groups initially referred to the Capitol Civic Centre.  No food or beverages allowed int he auditorium or lobby. 

26.) Abide by all fire regulations.  Per State law, no smoking on school property and no candles or open flames are permitted.  No fuels, propane or flammable liquids or materials will be allowed on school property.  

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