Planning Your Visit


  1. Go to the Click LOGIN found in the black bar long the top of the MPSD homepage next to Search.
  2. Click on GOOGLE to register using your google account and password, ie: [email protected]  When you are successfully logged in, your name will appear in the black bar where it had said Login.
  3. The School Forest can be found under Services.
  4. Please check with your school secretary on School Forest availability. 
  5. Once you have decided on a date, fill out the “Reservation Request –Manitowoc Public School District” and hit Submit.
  6. Plan your lessons - Click on Lesson Plans and choose grade.  Copies can also be found in the “School Forest Lesson Plans” binder in your school’s library.  Please contact Kelly Vorron if you would like assistance planning your trip.
  7. Gather materials.    
  8. Notify Kelly Vorron if you plan to use any School Forest supplies at least 1 week before visit.
  9. Order lunches and contact Brandt Buses.     
  10. Send home and collect permission slips. 
  11. Do pre-visit activities in the classroom.
  12. Plan post-visit activities. 
  13. Discuss rules and expectations with students. 
  14. Watch the weather and discuss proper attire with your class. No flip-flops or crocs.  They should wear clothing that can get dirty. Long pants are strongly suggested.
  15. Gather first aid fanny packs, student emergency information cards, School Forest keys from your secretary, and student medications. 
  16. Contact Jodi Popp, School Forest Secretary, at [email protected]  or 686-4777 if you have any questions.   
  17. If you need to cancel or reschedule, please contact Jodi Popp as soon as possible.  Also, notify your school office and Brandt Buses.   
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