Planning Your Visit


The School Forest has 4.5 miles of trails accessing a variety of habitats.  Click on the link below to view a trail map. 
School Forest Map

Field trip Registration Process

1.Go to the Manitowoc Public School District Website. Click LOGIN found in the black bar along the top of the MPSD homepage next to GUEST.
2.Scroll down to the “Or login with Google” section located in a box under the “username and password” section. Click on GOOGLE to register using your google account and password, ie:  When you are successfully logged in, your name will appear in the black bar where it had said GUEST. Once logged into the district website through your google account, you will be able to view the SCHOOL FOREST CALENDAR and check availability.  YOU NEED TO BE LOGGED INTO YOUR GOOGLE ACCOUNT TO VIEW THE CALENDAR. If the calendar is not listed under the school forest webpages, then you are not logged into the site with your google account.
3.Click on School Forest Calendar to view availability. The calendar will only give you the option of seeing six months ahead and behind the current month you are on.  For example if you are on September you will only see through March.  If you select March you will then be able to see through the following September. 
4.Once you have decided on a date, fill out the “Reservation Request – Manitowoc Public School District” form. Note there is a second option for Non-Manitowoc Public School District Rentals; make sure to fill out the MPSD form. It looks very similar to the form you used in the past for booking trips. 
5.Complete and submit a field trip request form.  Send an extra copy to Jodi Popp at Central Office for the School Forest records.
6.Plan your lessons.  Lesson plans for 4k-6th grade can now be found under the “Planning Your Trip” page on the school forest website. Copies can also be found in the “School Forest Lesson Plans” binder in your school’s library.  If you would like assistance planning or have an idea for new activities and would like assistance, please contact Kelly.
7.Gather materials.    
8. Notify the S.F. Coordinator if you plan to use any School Forest supplies at least 1 week before visit.
9. Order lunches.     
10. Send home and collect permission slips. 
11.Do pre-visit activities in the classroom.
12.Plan post-visit activities. 
13.Discuss rules and expectations with students. 
14.Watch the weather and discuss proper attire with your class. No flip-flops or crocs.  They should wear clothing that can get dirty. Long pants are strongly suggested.
15.Gather first aid fanny packs, student emergency information cards, School Forest keys from your secretary, and student medications. 
16.Contact Jodi Popp, School Forest Secretary, at or 686-4777 if you have any questions.   
17.If you need to cancel or reschedule, please contact Jodi as soon as possible.  Also notify your school office and Brandt Buses.   


school forest buildings

Ehlert Lodge (E)The Ehlert Lodge has a kitchen, dining hall, lavatories (no showers), two small bunkrooms (4 beds each), and two large bunk rooms (24 beds each). 

Krejcarek Building (K): 
The Krejcarek Building has a classroom upstairs, a classroom downstairs and lavatories on the lower level. The upstairs classroom has seating for 96, downstairs seats 32 at a table to 70 theater style.                      

The Greene Cabin (G):  The Greene cabin has a small classroom and lavatory. 

Environmental Learning Center (ELC): The Environmental Learning Center has one large classroom and lavatories (with 1 handicap shower in each). Seating for 91. 

Fire Pit (FP): The outdoor fire pit has stadium style seating around an open fire pit.  

School Forest Equipment

View the link below to see a list of equipment available at the School Forest. If you do not see something you would like, please ask.  Though this list is often updated, it is not comprehensive.
School Forest Equipment

Lesson plans

Click on the folder below to access lesson plans by grade.  


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