School Fees

The MPSD does not charge for use of textbooks, but the following fees apply:

Lincoln High School

  • $25 student fee
  • $17 Sports Pass - Admission to all home athletic contests except tournaments and invitational's
  • $60 Yearbook Ticket - Includes The Flambeau Yearbook
  • $75 Package Price - Combined Sports Pass/Yearbook Ticket
  • A yearly $30 parking pass for the Green Street parking lot (optional)
  • Activity Fee - $30/student - any number of activities
  • Athletic Fee - $50/student - any number of activities 

McKinley Academy

  • $25 student fee

Washington and Wilson Middle Schools 

  • $25 student fee
  • Activity Fee - $30/student - any number of activities
  • Athletic Fee - $50/student - any number of activities

Elementary Schools

  • 4K: $5 Student Fee
  • 5K- 5th Grade: $10 Student Fee

Instrument rental

There is a rental fee for some school-owned instruments and the musician is responsible to purchase some musical supplies depending on the instrument they play.  

Activity and Athletic Fees

This one-time-per-year fee may be paid at the beginning of the school year or when the student signs up for their first sport or activity of the year. After paying the one-time fee, students will be able to participate in as many clubs, sports, and activities as they desire for the entire school year. 

The fee is not intended to discourage participation, but to help offset the expense of providing opportunities that are beyond the scope of course requirements.  The clubs and sports have expenses because, minimally, the district pays advisors to oversee them. Some programs cost more than others due to transportation and equipment costs. In addition, some activities and sports generate income through ticket sales. 

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