Kurzweil & Firefly

The Kurzweil / Firefly system is literacy assistance system that provide students with access to text as well as comprehensive reading, writing, study, and test taking tools.  Books are scanned, processed and converted into .KES files.  The KES files are consumed by applications to present books to the students.  Other files such as text and rich text files may also be consumed.  Kurzweil is a desktop version of the reader application.  Firefly is a web-enabled reader.

Login Information

Please contact your teacher or system administrator if you need login information.  You may have your login password reset by opening a help desk ticket.

Installing Kurzweil

Need Kurzweil installed on a MPSD computer?  Please open a web help ticket.  A computer technician will setup Kurzweil on your machine.

You may also install Kurzweil on your home computer for use with a MPSD student.  You may download the install file on the Kurzweil website.  You will need to download the web license version for either Windows or Macintosh.  (Please

Firefly by Kurzweil

Firefly is a web reader for the Kurzweil platform.  You can use your same MPSD account in a web browser.   Many of the homework & studying features available in Kurweil are not available in Firefly.  But, Firefly works from most web browsers and does not require you to install anything.

Firefly by Kurzweil Website

Firefly iPad Application

The firefly iPad application is freely available in the Apple marketplace.  Please search for "Firefly by Kurzweil".