Register For School

Welcome to the Manitowoc Public SchoolS

Thank you for choosing the Manitowoc Public School District to educate your child!  We promise to do everything possible to make their learning experience enriching, memorable, and the best route to prepare them for their future success. 


When registering your child(ren) please have the following information with you:

  • Birth certificate
  • Immunization information
  • Doctor name and phone number
  • Parent contact information including email
  • Former school’s name and address, if transferring from out of the area
  • If your children received free or reduced benefits at their previous school, please bring a copy of the approved free and reduced application (you will need to request that from your previous school district).  Once this paperwork is turned into MPSD, it will ensure your child will receive free and/or reduced meals on their first day of attendance at the MPSD.

4K (preschool) registration

If your child who will be 4 by September 1st, they can be registered for the MPSD 4K program by filling out the 4k registration form and 4K site preference form (located below).  Once completed, please drop them off at the MPSD Administration Office located at 2902 Lindbergh Drive.  If you have questions, please call the 4K secretary at 920-686-4786.

Please visit the 4K page for more information regarding the preschool program.  

5K Registration

If your child will be 5 by September 1st, they can be registered for kindergarten by filling out a 5K registration form (located below).  Once completed, please drop off the form at Riverview Kindergarten Center at 4400 Michigan Avenue during the school year or at the MPSD Administration building at 2902 Lindbergh Drive (during the summer).  There will be additional paperwork given to you at that time to complete.  If you have any questions, please contact Riverview School at 920-663-9503.  

Elementary School (grades 1-6)  Registration

If your child currently attends 5K at Riverview Kindergarten, you do not need to register them for 1st grade at an elementary school.   You will receive  information from Riverview School during the school year notifying you of the school your child will attend in the fall of their first grade year. 

However, if your child is new to the MPSD, they will have to fill out a registration form (located below).  During the school year, the form can be dropped off directly at the school your child will be attending.  During the summer, it should be turned in at the District Office, 2902 Lindbergh Drive. 

Junior High (grades 7-9)  Registration

Typically students on the north side register at Wilson Junior High (1201 North 11th Street), and children on the south side register at Washington Junior High (2101 Division Street).   Please go to the junior highs to register in person so that courses can be picked.  There are secretaries working during summer to assist with registration.    

high School (grades 10-12)  Registration

Please go to Lincoln High School (1433 South 8th Street) to register your child so they can pick their courses.  There are secretaries working during summer to assist with registration.  

Open enrollment

Wisconsin's public school choice program allows students in grades kindergarten through 12 to attend any public school district in the state if space is available, subject to certain other restrictions. The parent is responsible for transportation. Sign-up procedures and deadlines are set by the state. The initial parental request must be filed in early February for the following year.

For information or an application form, please call (920) 686-4796. Individuals interested in part-time open enrollment at the high school should contact the Lincoln Principal at least six weeks prior to the beginning of the semester.