College Preparatory Mathematics

College Preparatory Mathematics -  the math program for students in grades 6 through Algebra 2.


What is the CPM approach to math instruction? 

Research has shown that math students learn best when engaged in doing math, not just watching a teacher talk about it.  Students will spend much of a CPM math class working through a variety of different problems in small teams.  The team philosophy has many assets:

1.     Requires active learning by all students

2.     Makes it more comfortable for students to ask questions and problem solve in a small group environment

3.     Provides a vehicle for a high level of thinking, participation, and communication.

CPM also requires more writing.  In addition to finding a numeric answers, students often write a short explanation or justification for why that is the answer.  CPM provides flexibility for teachers and students for additional reinforcement and extension of topics.


What about homework?

Each daily homework assignment has review problems and will not focus on concepts learned in the lesson of the day.  Therefore, even if students did not fully understand the main concepts of the lesson, they should still find that they can complete the homework independently.  Mastery over time is the reasoning behind the review.  That is, to solidify a concept takes repeated practice over time.


Homework Help:

CPM provides free access to homework help/answers on their website at .  You are even given the answer, a helpful hint, or a detailed step-by-step solution with helpful hints and comments along the way.  It would be slower to complete all of your homework this way, but the site is available as a check for you if you are really stuck or to see if you arrived at the correct answer. 




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