Referendum Expenses Updates

Since the April 7, 2015 referendum passed to maintain current programs and services, address major maintenance and security needs, and to update classroom technology, the MPSD has worked diligently to provide for the schools and community as promised.  See below what was made possible due to strong community support.

Maintenance and Security

Classroom Technology

Referendum Recap 12-6-16 

November 2016 Tax Levy Update:  
Great news!  The tax levy is more than $500,000 less than what was projected when the board approved the school's $74 million budget earlier in October.  In October, the board didn't know the revenue limit or the equalization aid from the state.  The District now knows it will receive $30.6 million  in equalization aid and $97,629 in computer aid from the State of Wisconsin, which adds up to $539, 833 more than was expected.  Due to the revenue limit, the board needed to reduce the levy in proportion to the state aid the school will receive.  

The levy rate per $1,000 of home value will be $8.376 for the 2017 tax year, a 6% decrease from 2016. This rate is the same as what it was in 2015, before voters approved three questions that allowed the District to increase its state-imposed budget cap by a combined $2 million for three years.   

November 2015 Tax Levy Update:  
The tax levy increase is not as high as expected.  The tax levy approved by the MPSD school board will have an increase of approximately 54 cents per $1,000 of home value, bringing the school portion of the tax bill to $8.91 per $1,000 of a home's assessed value — an increase of 7.17 percent over last year. The increase is not as high as the 71 cents predicted during the referendum, mostly because the school board is not taxing to the full amount authorized by voters in April.

The MPSD is utilizing the full $400,000 for technology and $600,000 for building improvements this year, but is not taxing to the full amount allowed by the $1 million referendum to maintain programs and services.