MPSD: Inspiring students to reach their best

In the Manitowoc Public School District, we are proud to be large enough to offer extensive opportunities for all students, and small enough to provide a personal touch. We are proud of many student, staff and community successes. Highquality, differentiated learning experiences, backed by strong relationships, are crucial for successful educational experiences.

In the summer of 2015, a team of 80 faculty members and administrators increased their understanding of using student data to drive instruction through participation in Professional Learning Communities, PLC, Training. They have had the opportunity to share their learning with their colleagues.

All our schools are working to meet individual needs. Many are doing so through the use of intervention and enrichment periods scheduled daily in support of improved student learning.

In addition, our elementary schools have moved forward with Positive Behavior Interventions and Support, PBIS, to proactively address appropriate behavior in our schools.

Jefferson Elementary School and Washington Junior High School have qualified for very large 21st Century Community Learning Center grants. Those grants provide academic tutoring and enrichment opportunities for students after the school day and help to extend the opportunity to meet student needs.

Our co-curricular options are strong and successful. Recently, the Lincoln High School girls' tennis team was both conference and sectional champions and qualified for state competition. We offer 22 different WIAA sports for students and 33 percent of our students participate. We have more than 230 students participating in music programs at Lincoln High School, including 39 students who participate in our orchestra program. Two of those students were recently selected to perform in Carnegie Hall.

Our partnerships and support within the community open doors for students and support the community’s future. One such partnership provides students with the opportunity to work in a business setting while receiving dual credit from Lakeshore Technical College and Lincoln High School. This year, 66 Lincoln High School students are participating in Youth Apprenticeship, a program that provides students with a hands-on learning experience while they work with mentors in companies throughout our community.

We work in cooperation with the Manitowoc Police Department on our District Safety Team. The work of this team helps all staff members have the proactive information and tools they need to keep our students and staff safe.

A strong symbol of support for our students and our schools was when our community voted to move forward with all three referendum questions. Because of that commitment, our school district can continue to offer the variety of highquality programs we have and can continue our work on safety and building maintenance to make the MPSD an even greater place to learn and work.

We honor our history, and view it as the foundation that drives our creativity and innovation forward. Lincoln High School, Franklin Elementary School and Jefferson Elementary School celebrated 100 years of educating youth recently. Education has changed a lot in 100 years. Our students have complemented their paper and pencil tasks with laptops called Chromebooks to enhance their ability to investigate, research and create academic information.

In the Manitowoc Public School District, we believe learning should give students the tools to make their dreams come true. Our focus on highquality instruction starts with the basics, but is far more than a checklist of skills. We want students to develop a depth of understanding that will serve them now and equip them for a future that will surely amaze and challenge them. In June 2015, Lincoln High School celebrated the graduation of 347 students in a tradition-rich graduation ceremony that dates back to 1934. We look forward to many more opportunities to inspire students to reach their personal best.

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