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*Art History, #1127

Length:  One Semester       Grade:  10,11,12

Prerequisite:  None       Credit:  .5 Elective


This class is offered every other year.  Available 2015-2016.

Learn the history behind art and explore how art has evolved from the time of the Renaissance to the present day.  Take a closer look at the lives of notable artists, their masterpieces and how the changing trends in art have reflected changes in our world.  Students planning on taking art in college will get an excellent foundation of art history through discussion, research, and hands-on projects.


Art Foundations, #1114

Length: One Semester       Grade: 9,10,11,12  

Prerequisite: None       Credit: .5 Elective


This course is recommended for students who want to explore many different types of art at an introductory level. Develop your creativity and make a variety of unique and challenging projects in a multitude of 2-D, 3-D and technology media.  Assignments emphasize design, craftsmanship, and a problem solving.  Explore the fundamentals of drawing, painting, printmaking, clay sculpture, computer art and art history.


Introduction to 2D Art, #1104

Drawing, Painting and Printmaking

Length: One Semester       Grade: 9,10,11,12

Prerequisite: None       Credit: .5 Elective


Everyone can learn to draw!  This course will help you develop fundamental techniques that will make you that creative and artistic person you never dreamed possible.  This is a basic course for anyone interested in learning the fundamentals of drawing, painting and printmaking.  You will utilize a variety of drawing media including graphite, charcoal, prismacolor, pastel and ink and be introduced to watercolor, tempera and acrylic paints.  Printmaking methods may include relief, monoprint, stencil and/or colograph.  Something for everyone!



2D ART 2, #1107

Length: One Semester       Grade: 10,11,12  

Prerequisite: Introduction to 2D Art, #1104    Credit: .5 Elective


Now that you’ve gained confidence in your art skills, take it to the next level! Further your journey by exploring advanced skills and techniques that build on your 2D foundations.  You will be given the opportunity to demonstrate competence and creativity in drawing, painting and printmaking projects.


2D ART 3, #1103

Length: One Semester       Grade: 10,11,12

Prerequisite: 2D Art 2, #1107      Credit: .5 Elective


Time to express yourself!  Develop your personal style now that you’ve mastered the fundamental skills and techniques in drawing, painting and printmaking.  You will learn to interpret and translate your artistic visions into original art productions.  You will demonstrate your continuing mastery of the principles of design, color and composition in the arena of 2D Art.


2D Art 4, #1109

Length: One Semester       Grade: 10,11,12  

Prerequisite: 2D Art 3, #1103       Credit: .5 Elective


You’ve found your favorite 2D media. This is your opportunity to concentrate on your area of expertise while building skills and competence in the world of 2D Art. Instruction will be more individualized, nurturing a personalized style to emerge in your area of specialization.


Open Studio: 2D Art, #1148

Length: One Semester       Grade: 11,12

Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.     Credit: .5 Elective  

May be repeated for credit. Prerequisites may not be

taken concurrently with the open studio classes.


A class for the independent, serious art student.  Open Studio is designed like a college classroom environment.  As a young artist, you will develop your mastery of a 2D specialty area.  You and your instructor will design your content and objectives to produce artwork suitable for an exhibition quality portfolio.


Introduction to 3D Art, #1111 

Ceramics, Sculpture, Fibers and Art Metals

Length: One semester       Grade: 9,10,11,12

Prerequisite: None       Credit: .5 Elective


Do you like to work with your hands?  Explore the enriching, tactile world of 3D art.  Work under the guidance of a teacher and artist fully experienced in the production of artwork using fibers, metals and clay.  Create art projects specifically developed and proven to nurture skills in design, composition and creativity in the theatre of 3D art.



3D ART 2, #1126

Length: One Semester       Grade: 10,11,12

Prerequisite: Introduction to 3D Art, #1111     Credit: .5 Elective


Take the next step in mastering the skills necessary to produce personally unique, interesting and meaningful 3D art.  This class will take your introductory skills to the next level and prepare you to be the competent and skilled 3D artist that may just be an important part of your future.


3D ART 3, #1113

Length: One Semester       Grade: 10,11,12

Prerequisite: 3D Art 2, #1126      Credit: .5 Elective


Time to blossom into the individual 3D artist you want to be!  Apply your skills developed in 3D art 2 to projects of your design and development using all the varied 3D media available to you whether it be fibers, ceramics or metals, continue to build skills under the guidance of your teacher who will work with you to develop your personal style and artistic strength.


3D ART 4, #1128

Length: One Semester       Grade: 11,12

Prerequisite: 3D Art 3, #1113      Credit: .5 Elective


Explore the opportunity to do directed projects as well as work semi-independently with the 3D media of your choice to enrich your mastery level skills.  College level advanced outdoor firing techniques, use of different clay bodies, and additional glazing methods will be introduced.  Emphasis in this class is on development of personal style and expression of your artistic strengths along with the continued development of the skills fundamental for independent production.


Open Studio: 3D Art, #1147

Length: One Semester       Grade: 11,12

Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.     Credit: .5 Elective  

May be repeated for credit. Prerequisites

may not be taken concurrently with the open studio classes.


Produce and exhibit your own personalized art portfolio in this class designed for the serious art student working to further develop skills in a 3D specialty area.  Apply your knowledge and consider creating meaningful functional 3D artworks for your future living space!  Whether it’s ceramics, fibers, or metals, you will collaborate individually with the teacher to plan the challenging content of your art projects.


Photography, #1120

Length: One semester       Grade: 10,11,12

Prerequisite: None       Credit: .5 Elective

$15.00 lab fee (affordable digital camera required)


Learn how to express yourself through the art of photography.  Use of conventional 35mm camera, chemical developing of film, and enlarging black and white prints in the darkroom will be covered.  Students will be introduced to the world of color photography by using digital cameras.  Digital images will be creatively manipulated through the use of Adobe Photoshop.  Students will contribute photographs to the yearbook by completing photojournalism assignments.  Students will learn about the history of photography and how it has evolved to present day.


Advanced Photography, #1155

Length: One semester       Grade: 10,11,12

Prerequisites: Photography, #1120 with a grade of C or better.  Credit: .5 Elective

$15.00 lab fee (affordable digital camera required)


Advanced Photography is a continuation and reinforcement of the skills and concepts taught in Photography.  This course will continue to instruct students in the fundamentals of photography and will broaden technical skills, aesthetic values, creativity and the ability to make a visual statement. Students will contribute photographs to the yearbook by completing photojournalism assignments.  Portfolio preparation and career research will be emphasized throughout the semester.


Independent Advanced Photography, #1131

Length: One Semester       Grade: 11,12

Prerequisites: Advanced Photography, #1155 with grade of B or better Credit: .5 Elective

$15.00 lab fee (affordable digital camera required)


This course continues to build on the skills and processes learned in previous photography classes.  Projects and assignments are designed to allow students to focus on their preferred photography media and subject matter.  Students will be challenged with an advanced study in the art of photography.  Students will be concentrating on producing a photography portfolio that represents their artistic vision and skill.  


image      21st Century Communications, #1676/1677

Length: Two Semesters       Grade: 10,11,12

Prerequisite: None       Credit: 1 English elective

This course meets credit requirements, it is not accepted by

4 year colleges as an English credit.


Imagine a class in which you learn to communicate in the digital world through words, graphics, animations, and movies you create as well as produce the WLHS Newscast. Twenty-first Century Communications is one of the most popular classes at Lincoln High School due to the stimulating and engaging nature of learning to navigate and create in the digital world.  This is the first class on your path to earning transcripted credit from LTC (To get transcripted credit, you must take Advanced 21st Century Communications.) 



         Advanced 21st Century Communication #1663

Length: Two Semesters       Grade: 11,12

Prerequisite: 21st Century 1676/1677 although this   Credit: 1 Elective


Use skills and knowledge from 21st Century Communications to turn an idea into a production!  This class will help students learn advanced communication through audio and/or video/film production, photography, graphics, design, and the utilization of various computer software.  Projects may include posters, brochures, video/film production, audio production, animation, web design and publication, and student generated projects.  Fourth quarter projects are individually chosen and geared toward the interest of each student.  At the end of this year-long class, students will have a portfolio showcasing their accomplishments. The use of industry standard software and hardware will complement the students’ post-secondary paths in the workplace or at college/technical schools.  This course will be offered for transcripted credit from LTC. 


*IB Visual Arts Year 1, #1157

Length: Two Semesters       Grade: 11,12

Prerequisite: Intro to 2-D Art, #1104 or Art Foundations #1114  Credit: 1 Elective


*IB Visual Arts Year 2, #1158

Length: Two Semesters       Grade: 12

Prerequisite: IB Visual Arts Yr. 1, #1157     Credit: 1 Elective


The IB Visual Art course provides students with opportunities for structured learning and personal exploration, along with research of a more experimental nature. Many art techniques and media will be explored to


• Stimulate and train visual awareness, perception and criticism of the visual arts.

• Encourage the pursuit of quality, through training, individual experiment and persistent endeavor to investigate, create and explore how innovative you can be.

• Exemplify and encourage a lively, inquiring and informed attitude towards art and design in all its forms, culturally, historically and aesthetically.

• Explore the world of art through investigation of other cultures and their interpretation of what ART means to them in their land.


This course is based upon the requirements from the International Baccalaureate Art and Design curriculum. A prerequisite of Intro to 2-D Art or Art Foundations is required before taking IB Art.  Students will build on their current knowledge of art and art making skills through a variety of guided and independent projects, research,

critique and homework assignments. Opportunities to make personal, socio-cultural and aesthetic experiences meaningful through the study of art from various cultures will encourage an inquiring and integrated approach to the

production and understanding of art.

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