Information Technology

The information technology group provides technology-based services for the MPSD students, faculty, and administration.

Technology Team

Andy Knickelbine
Network Administrator
Multi-Service Center
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Alec Dose
Computer Technician

Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, Madison
Phone: 920-663-9422
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Todd Pamperin
Computer Technician
Lincoln, Monroe
Phone: 920-663-9682
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Sharon Wallander
Computer Technician
McKinley, Jackson, Riverview, Wilson, Stangel
Phone: 920-663-9274 
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Jessica Deprey
Data & Technology Specialist
Lindbergh Office
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The online help desk allows you to submit a request for help.  Login to the help desk the same login and password as your computer and email.   

Technician Schedule

   Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Franklin   Alec      
Jackson     Sharon    
Jefferson     Alec
Lincoln Todd Todd   Todd Todd/Float
Madison         Alec / Float
McKinley         Sharon / Float
Monroe     Todd    
MSC Andy Andy Andy Andy Andy
Riverview   Sharon      
Stangel       Sharon  
Washington Alec
Wilson Sharon        
Lindbergh Office
Jessica Jessica Jessica Jessica Jessica