Lighthouse Learning Academy (LLA)

LLAWhat is the MPSD Lighthouse Learning Academy?

The Lighthouse Learning Academy is part of the Manitowoc Public Schools District that provides educational services to families whose students are seeking an educational option that they can direct from the home with a flexible schedule, personalized curricular choices, and access to resources under the directional support of licensed educational professionals. 

The mission of the Lighthouse Learning Academy (LLA) is to provide students education in a non-traditional setting using a custom curriculum that fits the unique needs of each particular student in grades 1-12.

This blended education program exists to provide resources and support to students and parents in order to allow them the flexibility and customization that best suits each child.  The licensed staff of the LLA will work with families to assist students in achieving their maximum academic growth in all required areas throughout the school year. The LLA will provide the resources and support necessary for students to have access to an enriching and fulfilling academic experience.  Our vision is that through this arrangement we can meet the unique needs of families who are eager and willing to take the lead role in the education of their children with licensed educational support and accountability measures that meet the requirements of the law for public school students in Wisconsin.   

For more information contact MPSD Student Learning Office 920-686-4788.