World Languages Department

Students in MPSD have the opportunity to communicate with the world by beginning to study either French or Spanish in 7th grade and continuing that language for an articulated 6-year sequence.  This early start offers the opportunity for numerous benefits now and into the future. Other languages may be begun after the first including Japanese and German at Lincoln High School.    

The World is Flat

The World is Flat, a book and notion started by New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, has become a common phrase in this new millennium. World events are spotlighting America's general lack of preparedness to participate in the global society and economy in which we live today. The ability to communicate and function within multiple languages and cultures is an essential skill for all Americans right now. That need is mushrooming with the rapid growth of technology.  

Children across the world leave school able to function in their native language, English and most likely several other languages. They're prepared to consider the perspectives of multiple cultures in all decision making. Language learning is an imperative for our young people if they are to be prepared to live, work and compete with their peers globally. 

Language learning is a life-time process

To gain a high level of proficiency language learning must be begun early and sustained over many years in an uninterrupted sequence.  Language learners often find it easier to learn other languages.  Businesses around the world ask, "What languages do you speak?" 

Take advantage of the opportunity provided by MPSD to study one language over 6 years and add others for 3 or 4 after that. 

World Languages Brochure

Learn more about the MPSD World Languages program from the department brochure.